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Hi, I'm available to answer any questions at 800-231-2494. What kind of car do you have?


Junk Cars are fully licensed car buyers, bonded and insured for your safety and peace of mind for when you sell your vehicle. Check out some of the cars we have recently purchased.

Sell your Triumph for money in hand today

1960 Triumph T3RA Roadster

Found this old rust bucket in Black Canyon City, AZ. Someone is going to have a lot of fun restoring it!

Sell my wrecked Toyota Tacoma

2001 Toyota Tacoma

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We buy cars like this 2005 Audi S4

2005 Audi S4

We buy luxury sports cars like this Audi S4

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2007 Honda Accord

No need to go through the hassle of trying to sell Honda privately. Get the most cash from a company you can trust, JunkCars.com

Sell your BMW for money in hand

2011 BMW X5

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Have a Tesla to sell, JunkCars.com will buy it today

2013 Tesla Model S

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Sell your Ford Hybrid to JunkCars.com

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

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Sell your Toyota SUV

2009 Toyota Highlander

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Repairing a junk car after an accident is expensive, it also means that the resale value will most likely not be worth the repairs and dealerships won’t accept it as a trade in if it's salvaged. On top of that, registering a junk car is not an easy process and there is a lot of paperwork to deal with. That’s why we take away all of the hassle of selling a wrecked car and give you cash for it!


Q: What types of vehicles do you buy?

A: JunkCars.com buys everything, including used cars and trucks, SUV's vans, RV's, Boats... you name it, we buy it. We are looking for sued, wrecked or junk vehicles, ANY model and year.

Q: Will you buy a vehicle that doesn't run?

A: Absolutely! We love to buy cars that won't run, and you'd probably like the check we are going to give you for it too.

Q: How long does it take to sell my car?

A: It takes only a couple of hours from the time you call us, and the deal is done. You have the check and we tow away your car for free!

Q: What if my car was in an accident–will you take it?

A: JunkCars.com buys everything, including used cars and trucks, SUV's vans, RV's, Boats... you name it, we buy it. We are looking for sued, wrecked or junk vehicles, ANY model and year.

Q: I lost the title to the car (pink slip), what can you do?

A: Even with a lost pink slip, JunkCars.com can buy your car! We have all the paperwork with us, making it a simple deal for you. Don't worry about getting a new pink slip—you won't need to!

Q: I still owe money on my car–can you buy it?

A:Absolutely! It just has to be worth more then what you owe on it. We can quickly answer your questions about buying a used car with a balance owing in a quick call. We'd like to buy it from you.

Q: Can't I get a better deal by donating my car?

A: The donation laws have changed, and you will only get a deduction for the amount the charity gets for your car. You have the option to sell it to us and get money the same day. Read about the changes in law beforehand.

Q: What do you do with the vehicles you buy?

A: The newer models we buy are reconditioned and sold by our network of dealers, while wrecked cars are dismantled for usable parts or sections.

Q: I'm ready to sell my car–when can we meet?

A: A professional representative from JunkCars.com can come right away! Just call our hotline (800)-231-2494 and we will make an appointment at a convenient time and place for you, today.

Q: How do I know if you are reputable car buyers?

A: Great question! We've been in business since 1980. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured–and we are friendly too!

Q: How much will I get for my car?

A: We use a proprietary database to make a decision about the price we can pay you. We will give you a quote when you call us, so you know everything up front and can make an informed decision.

Q: Do I need to get the smog test to sell the car?

A:Nope. This is one way we make it easier for you to sell your used or wrecked vehicle. You don't have to do anything—we take care of it all. You just collect the money when the deal is done.