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What To Do With a Subaru That Doesn’t Run

subaru crosstrek sold to junk cars

Here’s a 2014 Subaru Cross Trek Wagon that we purchased in Orange County, CA.  The Cross Trek was Subaru’s smaller XUV they made without the turbo in hopes to have less issues come up with the car.  Sadly, Subaru failed to make their newer cars well enough leaving them with continual issues and problems. Oil consumption, transmission failing, noisy cabins, etc.

With only 100k miles, the motor on this one gave out and had 9 different engine codes!  It’s not to say that there are some Subaru’s that can make it to the 300k mile marker, but its much less likely for that to happen.  

If your Subaru is giving you trouble, sometimes the best thing to do is sell your car to Junk Cars and start anew.

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