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Junk Ford Escape

 We recently purchased this 2013 Ford Escape in Oxnard, CA with the 1.6 Liter Eco Boost engine. This engine can also be found in the Ford Fiesta. Our particular model has the common transmission slipping problem but one can expect some issues with 170,000 miles.

The Escape also came with a 2.5 4 cylinder and a 2.0 Eco Boost engine. The 2.0 Eco Boost engine is shared with the Ford Edge, Ford Explorer and Ford Fusion. The other common issues from the 1.6 engine include stalling, loss of power and overheating. The Escape itself suffers from Door handles breaking off, My Ford Touch infotainment glitches and A/C system problems.

We’ll buy your Ford with or without current problems.

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