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Toyota 4Runner Sold To JunkCars.com

Junk Toyota 4Runner

Here is a 2005 Toyota 4Runner Limited 2WD with 250,000 miles on it that we recently purchased in Anaheim, ca. Upon initial inspection, the vehicle looked to be in good shape, but upon further inspection, we discovered that the engine wasn’t.

It’s always sad to see a reliable car like the 4Runner have a catastrophic issue, but with such high mileage, it’s not entirely unexpected. This 4Runner had been well-maintained throughout its life, but it just goes to show that even the most well-cared-for cars can eventually develop issues.

Unfortunately, the bad engine turned the 4Runner into a parts or junk car. However, due to its reputation for reliability, even a 2005 4Runner with a bad motor was still able to retain some value. The customer was able to recover some of the value of the car and move on to another reliable vehicle.

It’s a testament to Toyota’s reputation for building reliable vehicles that even a 2005 4Runner with 250,000 miles can still hold some value, despite its engine issues. It’s important to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections to catch any potential issues early, but sometimes unexpected problems can still arise.

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